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Evolution of Bitcoin and the history of money

The History of Bitcoin

In the Money sector, something going to happen in the world. Could we guess something! Whoever says that bitcoin currency of the future world, someone else says that there is a mess of financial mischief. we would like to see both sites of currency.

To understand the whole situation, you have to go through the history of money.

Usd, Eur, Gbp currency approved by all government, without money life is impossible, To say easy Money is the most important investment medium in the world, currency is different in some country. But there was a time when no money existed in the world. then they used to product exchange system, At one time this exchange pattern and complexity arise,  then it comes turning the beans, fish teeth and feather coinage, it is said that the predecessor of the money.

The history of money in India is found 2400 years ago, it is said that during the rule of emperor Chandragupta, the coins were introduced by the wording of the thin leaf, and then the circulation of money started after the change of hundreds of years. This money can be caught & touches but now in the current world there has a competitor of money.

so that Bitcoin going to slowly take the place of the online world. it is true that the number of billionaires is increasing every day, with the increasing tendency of hiding their money, it is said that this bitcoin give confidentiality will be fully guaranteed.

And the start of the horror is here, because in this verse, there are thousands of such coin in the virtual world of online. So it is necessary to know the history of Mother coin.

What Is Happening To Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, it can be caught & touches, don’t need any organisation for transaction,  Satoshi Nakamoto, a name that was invented in 2008. However, in May 2016 Australian engineer & businessman Craig Wright claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin transaction by customer device to device. It’s making by online mining process, all process happing in online .

Bill Gates says bitcoin is better then currency, it’s future world currency.

Casino, drugs, gambling, hacking, buying arms, kidnapping or money laundering is now the most favorite of the perpetrators. Because of privacy, people from all over the world are now investing in this bitcoin.
Right now, there is no scope for this bitcoin to speak good or bad, because the debate goes on, let’s see where its future,


Evolution of Bitcoin and the history of money
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