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Top 5 Countries who will pay you to live there !!

Top 5 Countries who will pay you to live there !!
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Many people who would love to explore and live in new places but they don’t have enough fund for move new place. however, there is some country that they actually offer to pay you to live there country. startup adventure here are just a few to give you an idea of the numerous opportunities so let’s get started

1. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has passed some good days,  however urban center hopefully brings the fair city back to its former glory To encourage growth and development and produce new free blood to the city’s heart,  in 2011 live downtown and live Midtown initiatives were launched for people who work for companies  advantages of living downtown for that pay you to live, offer includes here:

  • $2,500 allowance for new apartment renters in Detroit cost of their apartment in the first year and followed by an extra $1,000 for the second year.
  • existing renters who are due to renew their lease are offered $1,000
  • if you’re a homeowner in Detroit you can qualify for up to $5,000 for exterior home improvements for projects of $10,000 or more.
  • If you are a New homeowner and purchasing a home in Detroit you could qualify for up to $20,000 forgivable loans for purchase of their primary residence

2. New Haven, Connecticut

Got a family? Wants free cash to live in the northeast, you could think about New Haven, Connecticut. they  offer to pay you to live there country.

who meet the income guidelines and other required criteria you can receive a loan for up to $10,000 for either the down payment on a home in New Haven or the closing costs.

if you’rea teacher firefighter police officer military personnel or other city workers can take advantage of an additional $2,500 in the form of a loan forgiveness. after five years as long as you don’t sell the house the city is also investing in long-term homeowners by offering free tuition to any Connecticut College for students to graduate from the city’s public school system with good grades this is incredible.

program if a student chose to go to Yale the $50,000 tuition rate would be waived if they have the grades to qualify a free college education can take a huge weight off the parents and can keep the student out of debt when they graduate.

3. Kansas

The whole state of Kansas is not eligible for a cash incentive like the entire state of Alaska is however 70 percent of the counties in Kansas are considered rural Opportunity Zones out of the state’s 105 counties 77 of them offer state income tax waivers for new residents for the first five years that they are living in the county almost 91 percent of the counties who offer the income tax waiver also offer student

loan repayments of up to $15,000 there are a few cities in Kansas that are struggling economically including Lincoln Marquette’s Plainville and Osborne who have a free land program the state would give you the land and cover the cost of the building permit as long as you commit to building your home within one year and live for at least a year

4. Curtis, Nebraska

Curtis, Nebraska  Curtis is a tiny Midwestern town in Nebraska with a population of just 800 residents that number is expected to decline over the next five years in order to keep Curtis from becoming a ghost town the town is partnered with a consolidated telephone

company to offer new residents of Curtis free land to build a new house or to place a modular home all of the free Lots are on paved streets with ready access to utilities this program will bring more people to this small town ensuring its longevity

5. Alaska

Since 1976 Alaska has had a fund known as the Permanent Fund which would pay you to live in the state about 25 percent to the money that the state earns on oil are invested, into two separate funds the annual dividends from one of the funds are paid out to residents who choose to make Alaska their home for one hundred and eighty five or more days out of the year, the amount paid out ranges from five hundred to two thousand dollars each year regardless of age if you have a family of four you could make up to eight thousand dollars just to live in the

State due to the extreme weather conditions in Alaska many people choose not to live there the government provides this incentive to keep residents from moving to states with more mild climates Alaska is very strict when it comes to the logistics of the fund a famous reality television family in Alaska recently found themselves in hot water after accepting their grant for years even though they lived in Alaska for less than the required 185 days the family members charged were sent to jail and forced to repay the money that they were given



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