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How can I pay using my phone?

How can I pay using my phone

The plastic money did not end with the paper, but it is possible that mobile phones end up with both. If you have a smartphone you can already make purchases with the same naturalness as using cash or a card. You just have to pay a little attention to avoid possible risks. you have to know about details How can I pay using my phone

Although safe, How can I pay using my phone, we must bear in mind that mobile purchases are just like any other transaction. It is necessary to prepare the mobile phone to protect our accounts, but this is something that sounds much more complicated than it really is. In fact, setting up a smartphone to make payments with it is much easier than it seems,as you can see below.

Advantages and benefits of paying with the mobile

Paying with your mobile phone does not have to be cumbersome. On the contrary, it is even faster than with cash or plastic money. Basically, most of the mobile payment platforms are connected to our current account or use the numbers of our credit cards, so it is like always carrying them.

Systems like Samsung Pay, which adopted El Corte Inglés recently , Android Pay and Apple Pay are compatible with any NFC point of sale. This means that they can practically be used in almost any establishment that accepts card payments. If you can pay with it in a store, with almost total certainty you can also do it with your mobile.

How to mobile pay with it safely

Payment by mobile is also more secure than with a conventional card. It is impossible to steal the card number with a fake reader or someone can easily take your number and perform transactions on our behalf, since the payments are unlocked with special passwords. Or even reading our fingerprint.

Basically, a simple mobile phone can replace the thickest of the wallets. We can store dozens of credit cards in it and make large and small transactions with it. You can pay for the same donuts as you buy a new TV. No more having to carry some loose scrap to pay for midday coffee.

Also, a phone is never going to deprogram like the magnetic stripe on a card. And if we lose it, the thieves can do little without our private password or fingerprint. It is an eminently secure payment method that will accompany us everywhere.

Always install the official applications

android-pay software

First tip of the list: do not trust any application of payments that you do not know. If your phone does not come from the factory with an electronic payment solution installed by the manufacturer, download it from your official store, be it the Apple App Store or Google Play. And from nowhere else. Never install applications from unknown sources.

Currently, there are three major payment platforms in Spain: Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. To these names are added the mobile applications of several banks and alternative systems such as PayPal. It is important to check the origin of the applications (make sure that the name of the application and the developer is correct) to avoid scares.

How can I pay using my phone, Even if it sounds obvious, it’s important to remember that apps with names like “pay with your Mobile $$$” are rarely legit. Avoid them and stick to the officers.

Use a secure password on your phone …

phone payment

All payment systems for mobile phones use some type of key. This can be numeric, text or a mixture of both. The important thing is that it is safe. For this we must avoid combinations that can be easily guessed as our birthday, the name of our pet or simple repetitions of the same number (“000” is possibly one of the worst combinations).

A good password includes letters and numbers, sometimes mixing uppercase and lowercase. But it must also be easy to remember. A good idea is to take a word of unusual usage that has a special meaning for us and replace some of its letters with numbers of a similar spelling. Or if you do not accept letters, you can use a meaningful date difficult to guess by another person.

… or your own body

samsung pay

The most modern mobile phones use biometric factors to identify the user. How can I pay using my phone, This means that your phone can know that you are the one trying to perform an operation because it is able to recognize you physically. All major mobile payment platforms incorporate at least support for fingerprint readers.

In the case of Samsung Pay , phones like the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 also offer the possibility of scanning the carrier’s iris to identify it . This possibility will also be added to Apple Pay hand the new iPhone X . Remember that fingerprint and iris identification systems may also require the introduction of a PIN, so the tips related to passwords are applied.

Do not repeat keys

credit card

This may seem like a joke, but it is not. How can I pay using my phone you have to know, Many people use insecure passwords or have the bad habit of leaving them written on slips of paper. The result is that a thief only needs to steal a key to access all kinds of data , including his Google or Apple account and his space in the cloud. From there he only has to pull the line.

As a general rule, it is not recommendable to repeat passwords. For example, the phone lock password, our operator’s SIM card PIN and the payment system may require a combination of four numbers. Do not repeat it Although it is cumbersome, try to memorize three different passwords. It is much easier than it seems and will help you keep your phone safe.

Always pay through secure networks

secure mobile network

Wireless payment systems for mobile phones are quite safe. The introduction of fingerprint identification methods and other biometric factors, as well as the encryption of data, make it very difficult for situations comparable to those of credit card theft to happen. But not all transactions are the same.

Just as contactless payments made at point-of-sale terminals are eminently secure, it is advisable not to send sensitive information through an unknown Internet connection. For example, if we are sending money buying an item over the Internet, we must do so using the data connection or a Wi-Fi network of maximum confidence. Otherwise, it is possible that someone can intercept communications.

As a basic safety advice, it is not advisable to make purchases over the Internet using open Wi-Fi networks such as those in a cafeteria. When in doubt, it is best to disconnect Wi-Fi connectivity during the operation and use only the data connection of our operator. If the connection is domestic, it is interesting to use a specially hard password in our router to prevent strangers from accessing it.

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How can I pay using my phone?
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