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Causes and prevention of cancer

400 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, Hypochritus said that our body is made up of four types of fluid. There is always a balance between these four types of fluid, which can lead to various diseases if it is damaged.  when the quantity of black bile increased, it was called carcinosis and carcinoma. Whose origin is from the Greek ‘Karkinos’. It means crab. The nomenclature is very similar to the scouring of the scalp to see the spread of blood vessels around the affected tissues. Slowly it’s called the name of cancer.

Now, in the year 2018, after so many years of research, so many collapsed publications, such experiments, and sabbatical sacks, why have not any established cure for cancer? It is not possible to prevent cancer due to any formulas. In the morning, we call it by the name of one, but every cancer is different, each cancer patient’s story is different.

Cancer is so mysterious that it is often seen that in the treatment of a patient who has been cured, that system does not work for someone with the similar type of cancer. Because of cancer that is capable of infecting any body tissue, there are thousands of agents spread from surface to sun rays.

As I have said before, because we know cancer by one name, it would be wrong to think it alone. Cancer is actually a very different situation in which there are some similarities. One of the characteristics is the uncontrolled cell division, which starts due to the sudden change in some genes.

Many types of proteins are involved in our body structure and other crafts. These proteins are constantly being created, and are also wasted after work. What kind of proteins will be in our genes? So change in gene affects proteins. The butterfly effect that starts with this change is ultimately the same as its result. Unlike some cells that are fragmented, wicked cells spread on different parts of the body, attacking other tissues and the whole thing is very dangerous.

This kind of change in the language of science is called mutation. Two kinds of gen cause cancer due to mutation. One says oncogene, another called tumor suppressor gene. However, after mutation, it is called oncogene, before its name is Proto-Oncogene. While having proto-oncogene, they behave like normal gen. Those whose work is made of proteins help in the development and division of cells. But a mutation makes them so crazy that they can not be returned to normal. They continue to cheer in the cell,

As a result of mutation, the genes that form the gen instead of the shape of it. She stuck in such a condition that the cells continued to give rise to signs. These prototypes cannot recognize the other proteins when they are finished due to the new shape. So cells become gradually separated into a tumor.

The name ‘tumor suppressor’ implies that its function is to prevent the stray cells. Like all genes, each of our cells has two copies of the tumor suppressor gen. If you stop working on mutation for a reason in one copy, other copies still work. It has been found that the two tumor suppressors located in the same habit may be covered by mutations, but an oncogenic mutation in the same locale becomes prominent and does not allow other copies to function properly. However, the tendency of cancer is to melt the gap in all the defense systems. It may be that there is a mutation in two copies or mutation in a copy, but other healthy copies are lost for any reason. Then there is no one to stop the tumor.

This is not the end here. It is not cancerous if it is a mutation. In most cases, the cell’s own repair system can fix DNA’s minor mutations, or if the bad situation is gone, then the body’s defense system will destroy the affected cells. To become a healthy cell cancer, there are at least 5 to 6 mutations.

A recent study found that ‘mutation order’, before any mutation of a gene, after the mutation of any gene, it also affects the intensity of cancer. The normal cells of our body have been reduced to one end of the chromosomes each time they are divided. Once the cell dies and is replaced with new healthy cells. But cancer cells at the top of the chemistry of the chromosome make very careful. As a result cancer cells are said to be immortal.

Since every tumor develops in a different way, it must be targeted to physicians and researchers to find any way hard. Then, how do they take the system against it, without knowing how tired they are due to some excited genes? One way is to cut the tumor with a knife and cut it. But that is not always possible. Again, in many cases, the tumor is returned.

For many days, the best solution for cancer treatment was to apply something to the body that would attack all rapidly dividing cells. Such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Radiotherapy causes such radiation to be applied, which disperses the cells of the DNA. But the problem is that radioactivity also damages healthy cells around. So doctors try very hard to apply so that there is less harm to them.

There are several types of chemotherapy. But since they are transmitted through blood, they can affect the entire body. Some chemos are in the disguise of DNA structural units. When the cancer cell splits, it creates new DNA formulas and adds them to the new DNA. But that DNA is no longer functioning properly. With a lot of antitheses, it is like antagonism. Some chemo breaks the inner core of the cell. As a result, the cell cannot be split further.

Although chemotherapy can reduce the growth of cancer, there are many healthy cells in our body that need to be divided. As haircut split does not increase the hair. Again the digestion of the intestinal lining due to secretion of digestion is also needed to be filled.

That is why chemotherapy causes hair loss, digestion problems. Chemotherapy works with thousands of side-effects like this. Cancer also creates intense emotional stress as well as the physical pain of the patient. So, before joking someone else on the head of the head, always make sure he has eyebrows in his eyes.

The weapon that scientists have been trying to improve for years in the war against cancer is that of the GNOME sequencing. This process is now so fast and cheap that it was possible only ten years ago in dreams. Now it’s ready to help patients directly.

At present, it is possible to find out where and how mutations have happened in a few days in the field of gene sequences of different types of cancer cells. Without the use of this information, without any totalitarian measures, it is possible for certain individuals with personalized medicine to treat specific cancer.

The two major projects that are leading the process are 1. Cancer Genome Project and 2. Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia

They tested the effects of various types of drugs against different types of cancer cells. Researchers have found that some drugs work well against particular cancer cells. They can estimate the effectiveness of a drug based on the type of mutation. So the selection of drugs for cancer is no longer like drilling the darkness. At least the theory says that.

Nanotechnology can be another effective way to prevent cancer. Nanotechnology is the only technology that works on the 1 to 100-nanometer scale. Most fine biological processes and the processes that can cause cancer are also occurring in the nanoscale. So scientists and doctors get benefit from cancer detection through cancer diagnosis at all stages till neuropathy.


Causes and prevention of cancer
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