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Gift ideas for Christmas : technology and beauty

Do you want to give technology Christmas gift? In the affirmative case, the tips and tricks of this report will come in handy, which will help you to choose your gifts well and make the right purchase, Christmas Gift.

The fusion of beauty and technology can become the perfect gift for many this Christmas. If you still do not know what to give, do not worry! Here we offer our list with the best ideas to give technology and beauty this Christmas gift.

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The world of aesthetics is a world that increasingly comes hand in hand with technology. This merger offers us both products that we normally use in our day to day hair dryers or irons, as innovative products that fans of aesthetics will love.

This means that giving away technology and beauty can become the perfect gift for anyone (or almost anyone). Who does not want to have healthier skin or brighter hair?

Here we offer our selection of beauty and technology gifts to give this Christmas.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer:

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

  • PVP: $ 399.99

Do you know someone who suffers from having damaged hair? Maybe what that person needs is the Dyson Supersonic dryer.We know it is expensive, but it is also light, silent (something new in a dryer), fast and most important: take care of our hair.

The Dyson Supersonic has a heat control system that checks the temperature twenty times per second (thanks to a microprocessor), to ensure that the air is never too hot to damage the hair.

With an engine that rotates 110,000 times per second, Dyson has designed a dryer that reduces the time required for drying and the noise typical of dryers. Thanks to this speed the dryer needs less time to dry the hair, which also causes less damage.

The engine is in the part that we use to grip the dryer, which levels the weight offering a design that breaks with the traditional dryer. If you can afford it, the Dyson Supersonic can be the perfect gift.

GHD Gold Professional Styler

  • RRP: $ 199

We continue talking about hair, this time to talk about one of the most popular products in the daily routine of many: the hair irons. We all know someone with curly or wavy hair who can not live without ironing their hair in the morning.

What your friend might not know is that if you use the iron every day, your hair can see the consequences of suffering the damages that cheap or poor quality plates can cause.

This is where you come in: you can become the savior of your friend’s hair, giving him a plate he can use for a long time, getting a hairdressing finish without the hair suffering as much as he would with cheaper plates.

That said, the price of the new model of GHD plate is justified, since it is a plate that offers quality, which protects the hair and gives incredible results.

The GHD Gold is able to identify the ideal temperature for your hair. It is also fast and effective, you will not have to put the iron on your hair again and again (although if you have very thick or very curly hair you may need some more time).

We like the minimalist design of GHD Gold, able to bring elegance to our daily routine. It is easy to transport since it is light and does not bulge much, which makes it the ideal iron for men and women who travel a lot.

Braun FaceSpa Pro 912:Braun FaceSpa Pro 912

  • RRP: US $ 128

After hair, skin care may be the priority of many lovers of the world of beauty. If your friend or family member dreams of a toned and healthy face, the model of Braun Face Spa Pro is the gift you are looking for.

You’re wondering, what is Braun’s FaceSpa Pro? Well, this incredible device offers three functions in one: facial hair removal, cleaning and toning. Braun promises results of beauty salon at home, which can save us a lot of money in the long run (it is much more expensive to have to go every month to do a facial cleansing).

The hair removal accessory will allow us to remove any facial hair from the root, while the brush, designed for sensitive skin, will help eliminate any kind of impurity. To all this we add a head with vibration to which you can put a serum or cream to leave the skin toned and revitalized.

NailStar Professional LED nail lamp:NailStar Professional LED nail lamp

  • RRP: US $ 29.99

It is becoming more fashionable to go to beauty salons to become semi-permanent manicures or to wear gel nails. And if you’ve ever tried it yourself, you know it hooks. And you also know that having to go every two weeks to touch up your nails to the nail salon costs an eye for the face.

This leads us to the NailStar brand professional LED nail lamp , since having these types of machines at home can save us a few euros. Do not you think it’s the perfect Christmas gift?

This model of NailStar promises to offer a professional use, matching the results that could be achieved in a beauty salon (obviously if you have the technique, something that is gained with practice).

It has timers of 30, 60 and 90 seconds, there is no need to change the LED lamps and has low levels of heat emission. Its design is compact, easy to transport and, why not say, very beautiful.

Do not forget the best: maybe your friend wants to practice manicures with you if you give him the NailStar LED lamp, (which is the same as free manicures).

Philips SC1995 / 00 Lumea Advanced – IPL epilator:Philips SC1995 / 00 Lumea Advanced - IPL epilator

  • RRP: US $ 201.36

Although depilating is not necessary, be it a man or a woman, there are people who decide to eliminate their body or facial hair. If your friend belongs to the group of people who prefer to do without hair, then the Philips IP19 epilator SC1995 / 00 is the perfect Christmas gift.

Surely your friend is delighted with the idea of ​​being able to say goodbye to body hair forever, and most importantly, without having to spend hundreds of euros and lose time going to a laser hair removal center.

The SC1995 / 00 is designed by Philips to be used at home. Its use is safe and simple and offers effective results.

The pulsations of light of this machine, if they are applied with frequency, will inhibit the growth of the hair of lasting form and they will make us obtain a skin taken care of. Philips Lumea comes with an app that you can download on your mobile and design a personalized treatment plan exclusively for you.

You will not need spare bulbs or extra gels, so you will not have to spend any extra money. will be happy to see Christmas Gift.

Laica PC1017 – Foot hydromassage:

Everyone (or almost everyone) likes massages. There is nothing like getting tired of work and receiving a relaxing massage to help you relax your muscles and disconnect. You can buy the Laica PC1017 on Amazon for € 44.97.

This apparatus of Laica, offers the possibility of enjoying moments of relaxation through a foot massage. This can be the ideal gift for those people who work long hours and stand up. this would be best Christmas Gifts

It has an anti-splash cover, so it can be used in any room without fear of staining. Thanks to a thermal background the water will stay at the right temperature and your feet can benefit from the properties of a good hydromassage.

Vibratory platform Fitfiu PV-100:

Do not you know what a vibrating platform is? This device will help you burn fat, tone and eliminate cellulite without having to sweat excessively. You just have to get on the platform a few minutes a day to start seeing results.

In addition, it has a relaxing effect since this platform generates a massage and a stimulus that makes all the parts of your body work. It has 99 speeds and 9 different training programs so you can choose the one that best Christmas Gift suits your requirements.

Gift ideas for Christmas : technology and beauty
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