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Best 4 reasons why you fail when dieting

Best 4 reasons why you fail when dieting

1. Die of hunger:

A common mistake is to think that to lose weight we have to go hungry or skip any food. Stop eating dinner? Fast? No way! Going hungry the only thing that produces you is fatigue, weakness and temptation to commit some binge. The solution: eat little, but often. Opt for fruits between meals or a handful of nuts to satisfy you.

Eat fruit

2. Eating out of the house:

When we eat outside the home we tend to eat more calories than usual and, although it is often not an option, we can make small changes to prevent this action from ruining our diet. The solution: whenever you can, opt for the “túper” and if you do not remember to choose salads of first and fish or white meats to the second plate in the restaurant. And for dessert? Fruit!


3. Prohibit food:

If you are too strict and you forbid food you will end up hating the diet. Also, when you eat some food from “the forbidden list”, you will feel guilty. The solution: there are no prohibited foods. When something you want, first ask yourself if you really are hungry, wait ten minutes and if you still want to eat it in moderation. An ounce of chocolate will not ruin your diet, but a whole tablet.

Eat chocolate

4. Do not count the calories of the drinks:

With the exception of water, everything has calories. So keep them in mind when it comes to dieting. For example, alcohol, packaged juices or soft drinks fatten, and much, for their amounts of sugar. The solution: opt for water, sugar-free infusions , non-alcoholic drinks or prepare a light lemonade by adding a lemon juice to a liter of water. The truth is that light drinks with gas are not the solution, but if one day you fancy a lot, go ahead! As we said before, there are no prohibited foods.

Drink beer

If you avoid these four points, you will not fail to die, mentally you will be stronger and have the courage to continue. And do not forget that exercise is important to burn fat and tone muscle.


Best 4 reasons why you fail when dieting
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