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10 must visit summer destinations around the world

Everyone needs to recharge their batteries and be remember that we are all children of the sun. around the world just planning to pack your bag and fly to some really cool summer destinations. wondering about where to go and where not to? confused about choices of places? then hold your breath, today we have come up with a few must-visit summer destinations around the world which are serene and are just enough to quench your summer thirst. So, have a cup of cold coffee and soothe your eyes while going through this fascinating summer destinations list.

     1. Hawaii

if you are a US citizen then you don’t need any passport to visit the number 1 destination on our list. visit the dramatic cliffs of the Napali coast on Kauai and the colorful shores of Waikiki Beach, experience the majestic Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and don’t miss out the surfing, snorkeling and kayaking experience once you are in Hawaii. it is the best place to head for in summer and believe us you will be in love with its fresh air, historic landmarks and that rich Polynesian culture. don’t forget to watch the art of Hula.

     2. Bora Bora

it is actually volcanic at all and is surrounded by mesmerizing coral reefs. if you are just planning your honeymoon trip this summer, then Bora Bora is that perfect romantic destination for you two it is the most cherished island in South Pacific. explore Mount Pelion mount Odom on you on a hike or Jeep Safari. escape into the aqua blue water and have a love affair with the island paradise.

     3. Santorini

it is an island in the southern Aegean Sea which is about 200 kilometers southeast of the mainland of Greece. go and experience those lovely black and red sand beaches and those archaeological treats which are carefully preserved. have a breathtaking view of the caldera and you will be blown by the giant lagoon which is rimmed by steep cliffs. the most visited island in Santorini is the Thera which is also the largest among all the other islands. so pack your bag and head for Santorini.

     4. Virginia Beach, VA

if you love those classic seaside resorts and Virginia Beach is just waiting for you. with its lively concrete broad walk and 35 miles of sandy beaches. the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center are two must-watch places once you are in Virginia. if you are a sports geek then you are lucky enough to find splash golf courses on the beach. go for kayaking and hiking and fall for this amazing place.

     5. Bali, Indonesia

it is a favorite among the adventure lovers but that does not mean that Bali would disappoint the people who come for relaxation. that white beaches, dense forests, stone temples make Bali an ideal summer resort. hike on the mountain batter and get rewarded by the magnificent view. don’t miss out my own village tracking experience and expect those sacred monkeys anytime once you are in Ubud monkey forest.

     6. Amsterdam

summer is the ideal time to dig in this city. though it does not match with the other destinations cited in this list there is something very special about this city and summer. it offers you an urban adventure and those cheerful waterways and thousands of beaches add that fun to your trip. the famous canals, the beautiful houses, and everything is so gorgeous over here that you won’t really like to miss out any of them.

    7. Paris, France

every travel lovers one of the favorite destinations is this. this city attracts many of the travelers for its pleasant ambiance, delicious cuisine, and vast art

collections. the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Towers you will visit for sure and have some leisure time to hit as many as cafes you can. and shopping! oh my god it is a shopping paradise. you will get bankrupt once you go on a shopping spree to those Louis Vuitton and less pieces. don’t play less that we didn’t warn you!

     8. Miami

summer is an offseason to visit Miami but less crowded time is the

best time if you want to drink the pleasure. visit the beach and explore those restaurants and shopping centers. if you love nostalgia and walking down memory lane is something you can relate to then go to the Art Deco district and passing that you will just reach the Ocean Drive, a popular sightseeing destination. for that cultural aroma go to the Little Havana, the Cuban district of Miami and smell those distinct cultural flavors.

     9. Seemed Reap, Cambodia

there are these fascinating places which are less explored and less talked about. seem to reap is a fast-growing city and the reason why you should visit this place this summer is it’s amazingly well preserved ancient temples. an experience that divine sunrise at Angkor Wat and don’t miss out the Bayon temple and anchor archeological park.

     10. fuckit, Thailand

we will finish off our list with this Thai Beauty. experience blue lagoons and pink sunsets and roam around the city by three-wheeled tuk-tuks and taxis. get more tranquility once you are at KO phi and Patong beach and richer summer days with the forested hills diving and snorkeling experiences.

10 must visit summer destinations around the world
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